Friday, August 29, 2014

How to Earn Money With Your Self Without Traffic

You Wish to Earn money from high traffic?  for a new website with high competition keywords .. its a bit difficult. especially expect money from a low traffic.

I have tried many tools, such as ULTIMATE DEMON, ANSWER EYE, and premium wordpress plugins, Yes they are promising traffic. But still  it does not help, really does not help or I do not know how to use it. 

Stay away from Traffic Tools, let's discussions of other way. Many things must be considered for high traffic, the most decisive  thing is PATIENCE!!! Ya... Correct Guns and Roses

Then how you can earn money with low traffic or no traffic at all? you can do it with your self, I do not know if this is a cheating or trick, depending on you.

The method that I use is a VPN (Virtual Private Network), perhaps most of you already know this method and I get a success for $ 447 from Read more about VPN

What you should do?

- Your website Wordpress
- Look for good content
- Spinner your content using Chimp Rewritter
- Use Wordpress Plugin "Text Spinner"
- Copy & Paste content from Chimp Rewritter to your post content
- Chitika Publisher

Tools you need

1 NoDoFollow mozilla addon to find dofollow links
2 SeoQuake mozilla addon
3 mozilla addon anonymoX
4 CCleaner

Once you buy a VPN, Where did you get the links towards your website?

Submit your link to, use a VPN then Rate your Site, the more rate will increase your web page and will be in the number one on site category. Use CCleaner Tools to clean Cookies and do it again.

- Article directory

- Yahoo Answers might help, answer question and submit your internal link according to the question categories, you should have 4 or 5 yahoo account so as not to be spam.

- Submit your link to the Site bookmarking,

You can use a fake email to this site like,

Start upvoted as much as you can and make a group and collect your website link to a group that you have created. You can search for similar sitebookmarking here

Submit your link to .EDU, .GOV, CommentLuv, use this comment box maybe I can help to find according to your keywords.
Now Ready To Earn Money From Chitika And Start CLICK Your Links.

"I suggest, You should note of all of your links that you have submit, because it is needed for tViewer 2.0 Software" Also you can try and

tViewer 2.0 software is able to make a lot of visitors (fake visitor) search on google how to use this tool,  for free Proxy visit and use elite proxy.

- Write down in notepad all the links that you have submit, and input to the referral
- Write down all your website links, and input to innerpages.

This trick may help to improve the impressions in Chitika.
You Have To remember

Yahoo Answers.

You should note all the questions that you have answered, do not copy url and paste it in the browser, These will make seems like natural search towards your website and will be a valid click on your Chitika dashboard. My advice do not get too many clicks, at least 6 traffic to get 1 click for all your PPC.

Now.... you can do just like what i do, Thanx

Things You Should Not Do

1 Brutality Click , Chitika will delete your Account
2 YesAdvertising will cut your earnings
3 7 search will cut earnings or delete your Account

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